Boots to buy now

6th January 2021

5 minute read


A lie travels round the world while truth is putting her boots on.      – Edgar Allen Poe

Boots are made for walking, putting on boots is the beginning of an adventure, a boot can make the man. Or the woman. 

In truth, I love all footwear, and definitely have a vast selection that is not made for walking what so ever. 

A boot can re-invent an outfit you have had for years, and turn it into something fresh and cool! I have an IRO cotton black mini dress with ruching on the front that I have grown tired of over the years, and wore with a pair of brown and black over-the-knee snake effect boots this October, only to fall head-over-heels back in love with the dress that otherwise would have ended up in the charity pile. All of a sudden a beige cashmere silk knit dress is my favourite thing to wear, because I match it with a pair of high boots that make me feel like a present-day blend of Serena van Der Woodsen and Cher Horowitz.

The Debrett’s Handbook for modern manners states that presentation matters. The best-mannered people dress correctly or smartly when out and about as a courtesy to others an as a mark of self-respect. Laziness or dressing inappropriately could be seen as a form of bad manners or even as disrespect. 

So let’s not leave any doubt, and shop new footwear!

The Biker Boot

With life changing slightly, slowing down for most people and in most industries, and importance laid on health and wellbeing, my days of running from one meeting to the next in 6 inch flashy heels are over (for now). 

Instead I try to hit my step count by walking up and down the Chelsea Embankment, my highlight getting a coffee at Gails Bakery on the Kings Road. Sometimes I cross the bridge and stare out onto the river for 10 minutes or so before turning back… 

I have been looking for the perfect (flat and comfortable) walking boots all through the winter, and have since added a few to my collection that I think will persist through all London Seasons.

I added these Fabrizio Viti hiking boots to my personal collection this month. They are light weight enough not to feel like you're carrying around bricks, and great for 1 hour/day lockdown walks
I know the style dictates otherwise, but I like a biker boot that isn't too chunky and heavy, and this is one classic but cool. Perfect for city walking in the winter
A white boot really uplifts an outfit; I like these Chanel boots with a pastel or white coloured winter coat and light wash denim. Winter can be so dark and boring if everything is always black!

The Dinner Boot

A well paired boot really does complete an outfit. I have given myself a high-street shopping ban in an attempt to promote sustainability in the fashion industry, but I always felt that a £39,99 basic Zara dress teamed with a pair of amazing shoes can look so great. 

I love dressing up for dinners with girlfriends, whether dining out, or for a dinner party at home. I’ve put together a selection of my favourite current season boots that are available to buy now below.

I have a personal obsession with beige boots, and also with Paris Texas. I would wear these with a floral silk dress or skirt and beige cashmere knit for dinner with girlfriends
A wardrobe staple, if ever I saw one. These are the go-to of all evening boots, in my eyes. I'm more of a dress and skirt gal than a trouser lover, and these work with all styles and lengths.
Really crisp and elegant, I love the vintage feel of these knee length cognac boots. I would wear them with a Bordeaux skirt and camel Loro Piana knit, to look put together and refined

The Party Boot

When will we be going out out again?! 

I love to opt for a party boot in winter over a pair of heels, giving your legs some extra sparkle and glam! 

A party boot is so cool with a silk or chiffon mini dress, but I’d dress them down in the spring with a pair of jeans and a tee shirt and bomber jacket. 

I know I know... London is back in lockdown, and a party is very unlikely. Still my saved images on instagram are filled with the crystal Paris Texas knee length boot. In all colours!
Amina Muaddi does some really fun metallic boots this Season, and this electric blue shade is just one of many options that turn a classic outfit into something really trendy and stylish.
... back to Paris Texas crystal boots. This moss green pair is to-die for. I don't even care that we're not leaving the house these days, I'd wear them to hit Whole Foods on a Tuesday