An interview with
jean & temple

31st October 2020

5 minute read


It was at the height of London’s 2020 heatwave when I met Miranda, founder of Jean & Temple. We were sat on a quiet terrace overlooking Hyde Park drinking cool Champagne cocktails as the sun set. I immediately felt a deeper connection with her, that I knew would result in friendship. 

Not only is she a kind hearted, genuine, strong and inspiring, female, she is also a fashion designer with sustainability at the core of her business. 

Jean & Temple’s tag line; It’s Cool to be Kind emphasises that social responsibility is in their DNA, from the conception in the design studio in London, to the Buddhist run factory in Nepal where all of the knitwear is hand finished. 

From the animals who produce the fibres, to the welfare of the Buddhist masters who hand dye and create the gorgeous classics, Jean & Temple consider the planet at every step of the way. 

Since meeting Miranda that evening in late June, her knitwear collection has become the core of my wardrobe. What did I wear before I draped myself in the gorgeous silk and cashmere tee shirts, cosied up in the roll neck sweaters and threw on the sexy mini dresses for casual dinners with friends?

Jean & Temple is an emerging fashion brand that I know will blow up in only a few months time. The pieces are, with lack of a better word, beautiful, and I feel positive energy every time I get dressed in one of the designs.

So I sat down down with Miranda, who happens to be in my covid-social-bubble, and asked her a few questions;

Wardrobe Staples.
Designed in London,
Handmade in Nepal

Silk-Cashmere Tee Shirt

Me: I always find it so fascinating to hear where designers draw their inspiration from. I wonder if you just woke up one day thinking; ‘I am going to be a knitwear designer’ ?

Miranda (founder of Jean & Temple): I never had thought I would go down the road of being a fashion designer, and only now realise I am one. 

I felt timeless classics, that you could throw on at affordable prices, that had been born through an ethical approach were missing from my wardrobe and also missing from the fashion market: so I made them!

Me: How important is sustainability within the fashion industry? 

Miranda: Fortunately a lot of brands are highlighting the importance of sustainability and putting the climate first now, and I hope all will keep improving processes and procedures moving forward.

Me: I love that Jean & Temple consider the planet, small batches are made meaning there is zero waste, and slow fashion, creating unique pieces by hand dying fabrics;

well done!

Where would you say you draw inspiration from?

Miranda: I always keep an eye on what’s out there, taking a lot of inspiration from the colours in nature and the elements. 

Me: Do you have a favourite piece of art, or perhaps an artist you look up to?

Miranda: I don’t think I would be able to pick just one, but I love all of Mark Rothko – they are  simple, and powerfully calming.

Me: Do you have a particular piece from your collection that you love most?

Miranda: I really love all of the roll neck jumpers and wear these the most, as I always feel safe and comfortable in them. Which item do you wear most? 

Me: I love my roll neck in oat too, but have been wearing the blue and caramel silk-cashmere dresses with over the knee boots a lot, and cannot tell you how many compliments I have been receiving (from strangers). The fit is so smooth and flattering, and it is the perfect piece for Autumnal days in London.

Here’s something I am always so interested in; what’s your go-to outfit for a first date? One that you’re really looking forward to, and want to make a good impression on.

Miranda: I think my go-to look would be a roll neck, black jeans, elegant boots, and simple leather jacket or double breasted blazer.

Classic, chic and cool!

Me: And finally: Aiden or Big? 

Miranda: Big, always!!!!!

Long Sleeve Silk-Cashmere Top